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Basements are susceptible to the ingress of moisture and contaminants from the ground. For this reason, a waterproofing system will usually be required. Guidance on the requirements for basement waterproofing systems is given in BS 8102:2009 “Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”.

The choice of waterproofing system will depend on a number of factors such as the method & type of basement construction, the depth below ground, and the proposed end use. The example designs on this website are intended to demonstrate how BS 8102-compliant solutions can be achieved for some of the most common basement waterproofing scenarios.


In addition to dampness from the ground, basements are also commonly affected by condensation issues due to moisture-laden air within the basement structure. For this reason, the waterproofing systems described in this guide will usually need to be supplemented by mechanical ventilation. A waterproofing design specialist (see below) will be able to advise on suitable ventilation options depending on the proposed end use (e.g. car parking, document storage etc…)

Design Specialist

A waterproofing design specialist with a CSSW qualification should be consulted at the design stage. Please contact our technical department on 01274 604647 or email info@tankin.co.uk for details of suitable basement design specialists in your area.


Refurbishment of Existing Basements

There are many reasons why an existing basement may need refurbishing. Some common reasons for refurbishing an existing basement include: The original waterproofing has failed and must be repaired before the space can be utilised again. The basement requires an upgrade e.g. for additional storage spaceAdditional waterproof protection may be required, so an internal waterproofing system must be applied  

Changing Uses of Cellars and Basements

In some cases, a basement may need refurbishing due to a change in the desired use of the space. For example, the basement might be getting converted from a storage room into a more habitable space such as a kitchen or study.

In these instances, the basement may require more than just waterproofing because the structure of the basement itself may require changes

Suitability for Given Situations

Choosing between Type A and Type C waterproofing systems can sometimes be difficult because both of them might be suitable. If this is the case, other factors should be considered such as the amount of space required and ease of repairability.

In general, Type A waterproofing systems will be much more difficult to repair than Type C systems. However, Type C systems will require regular maintenance to ensure that the system does not fail.


Interior Design

A waterproofing design specialist with a CSSW qualification should be consulted at the design stage. Please contact our technical department on  freephone 08000 699 925 or email info@tankin.co.uk for details on how our of design specialists can assist.

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